About Us

AAA Farms prides itself in producing Superior Quality Registered Angus Cattle. We have taken much care to assure that our cattle will not only serve our herd with pride but also anyone who purchases our cattle. We understood the importance from day one of strong genetics as well as a firm foundation within the Angus Association. AAA Farms worked to accomplish all of this while maintaining the Love of Christ throughout our operation.

AAA Farms has been nestled in the rolling hills in rural West Tennessee, approximately halfway between Memphis and Nashville, where we house our Registered Angus herd. The operation is home to a breeding facility, working barn, state-of-the-art breeding lab, and much, much more to ensure we take proper care of our bred cows and heifers until birth.

Andy Atwood, wife Angie, and lifelong friend Chris Hooker began the operation in 2019 with the dream of one day becoming a staple within the Angus Association, not only on the quality of their cattle but also on the forefront of Genetic Development. Chris, who acts as Farm Manager and working Partner, has been the driving force behind the entire operation. His diverse background within the livestock industry from an early age has been the key to ensuring that all parts of the operation are performed and executed to the highest degree of detail. Combined Andy and Chris have over 60 years of experience in the cattle industry. We at AAA Farms take great pride in not only assuring that the Angus breed is genetically sound but also in furthering the breed as a whole.